12 Adar (February-March)

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Understanding God’s Appointed Times and Principles
Notes by Dr. CarolMarie

Insights from Churck Pierce, Robert Heidler, Gwen Shaw, Barbie Breathett, and internet resources including Fox News and Hebrew4Christians.com


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Twelve means, “Elect purposes of God, Divine government or rule; plenty, fullness.”  It is the number of apostles, tribes and judges.  This month pull on the anointing connecting with positioning and authority

The Word ADAR means, “Strength”


Esther was an orphan, raised by her cousin. She was born for a time sucunnamed (1)h as this It is the time to fully annihilate the Haman of your life. Purim is celebrated this month. Through her courage and obedience, her nation was saved from the evil plots of Haman. (On leap year on the Hebrew Calendar, there is an extra month March to April, add Bilhah: She was the maid of Rachel and also was the sister of Zilpah who was Leah’s maid. Bilhah was presented to Jacob as a “wife” so that Rachel could be credited with her children, Dan and Naphtali, but they always remained credited to Bilhah. Bilhah means “Bashful” and she assisted Rachel meaning “Ewe”. She truly assisted the mother of Israel (Sheep) as these four women brought forth the 12 tribes.) Both women were major in birthing and sustaining the nation of Israel.


12th Month: Twelve can mean: elect, purposes of God, divine government or rule; plenty, apostolic fullness; number of apostles, tribes, judges.

APPOINTED TIMES: The feast of Esther on the 13th day; Purim on the 14th. Purim means “lots” for the lots were cast to see what day the Jews would be killed. But Esther released a higher decree that caused confusion and counteracted the enemy’s plans.

THEME: Esther was an orphan, raised by her cousin. She was born for a time such as this. Through her courage and obedience, her nation was saved from the evil plots of Haman. As in the book of Esther, true identity will be revealed this month; Hidden things brought to light. It is a time of celebration that the curse is overturned through wise strategies. Overturn worry by praising God. Expect increase of supply!

Because God saved the Jewish Nation from the genocide Haman plotted, this is a Joyful Month!

What has God Saved You From?

How can you find increased Joy During this Month?

The Hebrew word for “JOY” is “SIMCHAH”

Click here For Some Scriptures on Joy!


The Hebrew Letter KAF

HEBRAIC ALPHABET: KAF meaning The palm of the hand.  It represents potential or power. The hand is also the receiver.  The KAF can also mean “to suppress”.  You cover your mouth with your hand to suppress a cough or sneeze.  You might also try to suppress words or a cry.  But this goes together with potential as we often have to suppress some things to fulfill our potential.  Choosing to focus on the positive we may need to suppress the negative thoughts and words that want to interrupt our path to our potential.  The letter KAF is also the number 20.  When the KAF is turned so the palm is down (Hold your cupped hands in front of you with your palm down) it represents the hand of God surrounding you and over you.  In the work Sukkah there are two KAFs.  The sukkah is the hut made of branches and greenery that is used during Sukkot the fall holiday at the time of harvest.  This hut represents the over arching presence of God to provide and protect.   (Note: Some scholars attribute the letter KUF to this month also.)


SCRIPTURES: The Book of Esther


Naphtali (To struggles, wrestle, Move forward).  Also “Sweetness is to me”.  He was born from Rachel’s maid Bilhah who struggled in childbirth.



The Diamond! Color: Crystal clear meaning: purity, n0 hidden motive. Character is strong and can handle opposition. Negative side: You may want to reveal too much…need to be discreet. Guard your tongue. Esther watched over her words and timed her actions. The evil plots of Haman were made clear. The Purple Amethyst has also been recognized connection with Adar. Purple stands for        authority and royalty.



The Prayer Gate: The New GateThe+New+Gate

 Countries include Northern ,Western and Southern Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Greenland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, San Marino, Moldova, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovin, Serbia and Montenegro.

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Israeli cities include Kfar Saba, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Rosh Haayin, Netanya, Ra’Jerusalem Gatesanana, Qalqiliya, Herzliya, Hod HaSharon, Bnei Baraq, Ramat, HaSharon, Petah Tiqwa, El’ad, Tayibe, Caesarea, Hadera.



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PRAYER FOCUS: Time to cancel decrees sent against you. Guard against fear and idolatry. Let roots of depression and despair challenge faith in you and for others. Pray for hidden motives to be revealed in yourself and those you are interceding for that would hide who they are. Accept your assignment and Heavenly identity. Guard against pride, selfishness, egoism and selfishness. Accept the beauty you have as Esther did, and receive wisdom from those who are not hindered by the fleshly desires.

Pray for single moms of Israel, a land of struggle. Pray for the orphan spirit to lift off Israel and the ladies.
There are over 600,000 widows and orphans in Israel, approximately 11.7% of their total population.

ACTS OF KINDNESS: There are 24 million fatherless in the United States. 3 out of 5 families are raised without a father. 75% of teen suicides were from fatherless homes. We are surrounded by the fatherless! Look for single moms in your church that you can show love to and help her with her kids. Find out from teachers or Sunday School leaders the kids who needs prayer, and take them on for a project this month. Remember kids “act out” because they are hurting and need love. Love will help them remove the masque.

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Adar 2018


The Esther Identity

The Esther Identity



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