At the Sea of Galillee

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I got to Israel late last night and wow…look at my view from the balcony of where we are staying!!
After breakfast we went to the Jesus Boat and worshiped on the Sea of Galilee just a few minutes from our B and B.
Daniel who the widows at Anna’s Gate love his music, lead our cruise on the sea! We sang and danced and prayed over one another!

At the Mount of the Beatitudes I gave a word from the Lord to a young man. The Lord told him that there was a personal issue he was dealing with. And that God said it was over! Later this young man from Russia that had just joined our group for that short time came to me. He thanked me for the word as his eyes filled up with tears. He then told me how his father had poisoned his mother and that he had to call the police. His mother died and then his father after he was in and out of prison. I dismissed the trams in his life, agreed with Heaven for a Gods plans for this young man! It was so precious!! Now that’s worth the trip here!
We went to Capernaum which was Jesus headquarters. It’s my favorite place! The Lord always speaks to me there in special ways!
And yes He did again!

Our day ended up with Shabbat dinner with new friends at where we are staying! I love Israeli food!! so yummy and healthy! Special songs and times of blessing! So very special!

God has been speaking to me a lot through the birds and objects containing birds! A famous artist painted this painting of God holding us in His hands, not crushing us but covering us letting us feel his strength around us.
Then I saw bird figurines that touched my heart. And then went to the Hula Nature reserve where birds are protected and cared for.
We each are so unique like the different kinds of birds but God cares for each of us!
This trip is one where God is speaking to deep places of my life though there are many opportunities for ministry along the way. Matt 6:26 tells us we are even more valuable than they are and God cares for then! Today thank Him for your uniqueness and that He cares for you… For He truly does!

Another God Encounter!! We were delayed as we waited for another Van to be delivered to us so that we could continue our journey! While waiting, another famous artist that incorporates Hebrew into her work visited us! Amy and her husband are wonderful and we got to affirm her gift and calling!

When they delivered our van to replace the one that was not working right, it was smaller than what we had before. Oh dear!

OMGoodness we had suitcases piled to the ceiling and 4 across the middle seat to squeeze in seven of us plus luggage! (It made me wish I had dieted before coming!)
We kept our hearts right and took off like the Beverely Hillbillies!! God is knitting us together in unity more ways than one!

An invitation came from another well known Israeli and Author named Yosi! I was so excited since I have shared his books for years!

We were invited to his home as he shared truths from the scriptures many do not know!

We ended up in Jerusalem at the Scottish Hotel! It’s so beautiful and quaint! Dinner at the old train station with live music! It was precious to watch families love on one another and celebrate life even in the midst of a country of turmoil.

Tomorrow we have a special invite to the King David Hotel for lunch and a time of prayer preparing for Yom Kipper and praying for Israel!

I love these God appointments! It seems the Lord is using us with Leaders this trip to encourage and refresh them… While refreshing us also!

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