5 Av (July-August)

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Hebraic Month of Av

Months: July-August

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HEBRAIC MONTH: Av (Means: “Father”, derived from root word: “to will, to desire”)

Example: Tamar SCRIPTURES: Genesis 38, Numbers 13, 14.
The meaning of Tamar is “Palm Tree” referring to the ability to weather storms and be able to flourish even in the hardest conditions. Some palms are likened to the hand with the leaves coming out from a stem. The tallest Palm trees are in Columbia (which is in this “Gate”) that grows to almost 200 feet tall. The Palm has the largest seed of all the plants on the earth, up to 20 inches in diameter and 66 pounds in weight! Tamar had heard the promise that kings would come through the tribe of Judah. She knew it was her destiny. She refused shame and moved into what she knew was hers and the seed she carried brought forth the King of kings! King David and Jesus Christ our Messiah was from the tribe of Judah! The birth of the twins she carried was a hard one with a fight within the womb of who would come first.
5th Month: Grace, favor; redemption; five fold ministry offices; freedom, hand, atonement.


Learn More About Tamar Here!

HEBRAIC ALPHABET: TET (resembles a womb, also “a twisting, a coiling, a snake”)


THEME: This month is a time to watch over what you hear, guard your promises and choose the good report. This is also a month for the Divine will of the Father to be released to change situations or to rebuild them. There is much conceived this month, be watchful what you allow. It was in the month of Av that the spies gave good and evil reports of the land. What they listened to and received birthed consequences that affected them and their generations. Tamar, as our example, chose to agree with promise that also affected generations!

TRIBE: Simeon (One who hears and obeys)

GATE: Ein Kerem-Click the photos to enlarge.  ISRAELI CITIES: Beth Shemesh and parts of Jerusalem extending out towards Ein Kerem.NATIONS: : (South America) Chile, Argentina (Pope Francis ), Uruguay, Pareguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea/Conakry, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Libya.

Ein Kerem GateEin Karem Gate2



 wilson-citrine-jewelryTopaz in gold or amber, brownish in color. The gold tone colors represent God’s glory; tried in fire; favor, abundant blessings. It also can mean idolatry, defilement and contamination. The amber represents forgiveness but also can show pride and judgment.

Some authorities suggest the green emerald for this month representing life and prosperity, but also greed and jealousy. Press into God’s life and guard your heart.



PRAYER FOCUS: No Condemnation in Christ, Breakthrough for Mercy and Grace, Birthing of Righteousness for families, homes, churches, businesses, cities, counties, states, Nation. Pray for more “Midwives” as intercessors; establishing the intercessors “watchman” on the walls for righteousness sake. Pray for ministries in Columbia where 90% of the US cocaine comes from and great persecution to believers is at work. ACTS OF KINDNESS: Help at Pro-life center folding or giving baby items; helping in nursery at church.


OVERVIEW: Tamar the 36th great, grandmother of Jesus giving birth to Perez (“Breakthrough”) and his twin brother Zarah (“Rising Light”). A scarlet cord was tied to Zarah’s arm by the Midwife thinking he was coming out first and was the firstborn. But Zarah retreated and Perez was born first. “Rising Light” will reach out first before “Breakthrough” comes to a life or an area. The “Midwife” aides in the birthing of both through the redeeming blood of Christ which “scarlet” represents. DECORATING/IDEAS: Red Ribbon ideas (as a red cord was tied to Zarah’s wrist.) Each Woman/Widow gets a red ribbon of intercession,  as “Midwives”. Or give out garden seeds to represent what we are sowing in prayer. SKIT, SONGS & SMILES: Share part of the Tamar Video, or act it out.

More about Tamar: “Refusing Shame”  Word Doc / PDF

The Month of Av and Tamar

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