Empower Widows

Empower Widows As widows of all types understand their purpose to move into, nations can be transformed! CarolMarie empowers the widow by enlightening her that God certainly hears her cry (Ex 22:23) and that He will establish her borders or territory (Pro 15:25). She learns that God has made commitment to her as her Husband […]

Equip The Church & Leaders

Equip The Church & Leaders Learn the principles that open doors of favor and raises up the prayer army you need. CarolMarie equips the church and leaders by bringing them into a place of great blessing. When we bless Israel and do James 1:27 by caring for the fatherless and the widow foundational values are […]

Train Intercessors

Train Intercessors Join a network of watchmen that align with the Word of God and His times, seasons and principles. CarolMarie trains intercessors by aligning them with the Word of God and His times, seasons, and principles. We are all called to watch and pray (all ages and genders)! The revelation that is taught will […]

Interpreting Dreams & Visions

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Interpreting Dreams & Visions BY JEREMY CARIS COMING TO ANNA’S GATE!! REGISTER HERE! Join us on Saturday, Oct 10th for a one day crash course where you will learn to interpret dreams and visions! In this Equipping School, you will uncover what the Bible actually teaches about interpreting dreams and visions. You will discover clear Biblical […]

Who’s a Widow?? And Warrior’s With Glitz

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Who’s a Widow?? And Warrior’s With Glitz With Brenda and Sue Please listen and plan now to attend our “Warriors with Glitz Conference”. It is about Equipping the Saints and the Not-So-Saintly!! November 5-7, 2015 at Park West Church of God on Middlebrook Pike. HERE to register  

India Blessed By Anna’s Gate Donations

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These photos are from Kismathpur Children’s Home and Widows Center in Hyderbad, India.  Many of you gave generously to help us provide for them through Anna’s Gate “Let Your Light Shine” Christmas Outreach in December 2014.  Your donation enabled us to provide sports equipment for the School, Material and equipment for the Sewing Center and […]

Facts About Widows

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Facts About Widows STATS (2003 Stats FOR United States do not show widowhood by divorce or abandonment or of later years due to it not being made available.) 12 million widows in the United States. 800,000 are added to this number annually 45% of women by the age of 65 will become widows 80% of […]

Anna’s Gate in India: Sewing for Souls

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India – Sewing For Souls Project We now have five sewing centers in Hyderbad, Kismathpur, Srikakulam, Vishakapatnam and Narsapur. CarolMarie, after ministering in India for over seven years, is receiving her honorary Doctorate from Manna Ministries. She is seeing the fruit of all those years as she’s reaches out to Manna Ministries widows and orphans […]

Widows and the Word

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Widows and the Word Exodus 22:22-24 “Do not take advantage of (afflict, look down on, depress) a widow or an orphan. If you do and they cry out to me, I will certainly hear their cry. My anger will be aroused, and I will kill you with the sword; your wives will become widows and […]

Who Is A Widow?

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Who is a Widow? There are over 120 scriptures which use the word “widow”. We are commanded to care for, plead for, defend and honor them. Many other scriptures refer to their husband dying or leaving, without using the word widow, thus adding to this number where God shares His heart concerning her. Scriptures are […]

John Ackerman-President of BRANDED RESEARCH

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I had the very good fortune of attending a Sunday Church Service in Big Bear California while visiting my wife’s family in August of 2012.   The Church was/is called Big Bear Valley Christian Faith Center – and Pastor John Dunn is a family member.  In between Worshiping and the Sermon – the Pastor asked CarolMarie Smith […]