Equipping the Church and Leaders

Help Widows and single women connect with God as their provider and cover.
Empower women to step into their God-given purpose for service and joy!
Provide strategies for Healing from abuse and grief
Train Women as Intercessors

We do this through

  • Training Materials for Newly Single Women’s Groups.
  • Leaders Conferences where you will learn How to form an  Lead a Newly Single Women’s Group
  • Supporting Materials and ideas for monthly group Activites
  • A Prophetic Prayer Power series that results in Intercessory Prayer Certification
  • Strategies for meeting the needs of newly single women and the fatherless by connecting them for support and reciprocated service and love

We would love to tell you more about our successful and innovative program to bring the power of Heaven into your community of believers.  Use the form below to request more information and to get started putting the power of single women to work in your community.

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