Equip The Church & Leaders

Learn the principles that open doors of favor and raises up the prayer army you need.

CarolMarie equips the church and leaders by bringing them into a place of great blessing. When we bless Israel and do James 1:27 by caring for the fatherless and the widow foundational values are established that bring great rewards. CarolMarie equips you to raise up the prayer army you need by sharing principles from the Word and connecting the widow with her purpose. Prayer strategies for the whole church or organization are taught also that all can benefit and be a part of this defense force and take ground. This is done at your facility, coming to Anna’s Gate Leaders Trainings, or through resources and webinars. You can also become a “Cupbearer” or “Gatekeeper” with Anna’s Gate that opens the door for you to sow into international ministry and for our network of intercessors to cover you.

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