Anna’s Gate in Israel

Why Harp Music?


The harp was a very strategic instrument in ancient times. It was played before the army of Jehoshaphat (II Chronicles 20:21), which led to a military victory. Samuel had a school of the prophets who played and sang to the Lord (I Samuel 10:5-10 and I Samuel 19:18-24), with a contagious Spirit of God. David played the harp for Saul (I Samuel 16:23) and evil spirits had to depart. When Elisha was asked to get a word from the Lord God, he called for a musician (most likely a harpist) (II Kings 3:15) to set the atmosphere in order to obtain that message. The harp was so important in the eyes of King David (I Chronicles 25:1-6) that he placed them in strategic order in the tabernacle before the Lord. In God’s own words, David was said to have a “heart after God” (I Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22).

Something about playing and hearing the harp connects people with the heart of God.  It helps to bring heaven to earth to accomplish God’s purposes. The sound of the harp brings complete peace (shalom) where there is unrest, anxiety, confusion and the sound of false religion. What better time to bring the ancient sound of the harp into the current tide of cacophony over the land of Israel?


We also connect the widows of Israel to secure the borders of Israel with this awesome strategy of using the sound of the harp. As the widows are empowered into their destinies using the simple sounds of their harp strings, their heart strings are aligned with heaven. What a special way for God’s justice and righteousness to reign.

Hebrew is a rich and deep language. Each letter has a multilayered meaning. The Israeli Nevel harp has 22 strings and each string has one of the 22 Hebrew letters assigned to it. When these two are combined, the richness of the language can be tapped into with sound. Therefore, Hebrew words can literally be spelled out musically. As this sound resounds in the atmosphere, the meaning of the Hebrew words permeate and sooth. Scriptural prayers can be lifted right off the page into the air in proclamations. Hallelujah!

Harps are used today in Intensive Care Units, Coronary Care Units, and Pre-Natal Units for the special sound they create. As the area of Harp Therapy expands, let us set our hearts to enjoy and experience the harp as never before in history. Bringing the wisdom of the ages into today from the Wisdom of the ages.

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