2 IYAR (April-May)

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UNDERSTANDING God’s Appointed Times and Principles
Tapping into the Anointing on the month of Iyar
By Dr. CarolMarie Smith

HEBRAIC MONTH:  Iyar  (Pronounced like ER)  (Radiance)

DATES:    April-May

Obadiah’s Widow is our example as she cried out to Elisha in 2 Kings 4:1-7 for help.  She was asked what she wanted him to do and what did she have of value in her house.  We all have things of value in our lives to offer the Lord.  It was as she gave her oil, that the anointing continued to flow that set her and her household free also!

APPOINTED TIMES:  Counting of the Omer, 7 weeks or 49 days between Passover and Pentecost.  This is a time of repentance and making things right with others.  It included “hesed” or acts of kindness.

2nd Month:  Two means separation, division, contrast, or connection, testimony, the Living Word, witness and support.  God gave two tablets for the commandments.  Two signifies also the New and Old Testaments. It also can mean war, ruin and death.
HEBRAIC ALPHABET:  VAV “Connection, linking”.   This month connects the month of repentance to the month of giving.

The Vav makes the “v” sound like victory. It sometimes appears as a single vertical line. When a dot is added at the top, it makes the “OH” sound.

THEME:  In this month, you deal with your soul…that is your mind, will and emotions.  It is a time that things can look hopeless and anxiety can try to set in bringing depression with it.  It’s time to instead connect and link with Heaven.  Choose (with your will) to cry out as Obadiah’s widow did for an answer and then act on it. Expect revelation and then set your will to obey.

SCRIPTURES:  2 Kings 4:1-7 (According to history this family was Obadiah’s widow and sons.)

Obediah’s Widow

TRIBE:    Issachar (Understanding times and seasons, revelation)    Obadiah was from this tribe

STONE/COLOR: Lapis/opaque blue.  Lapis is a medium to deep blue stone with inclusions of pyrites which shimmer like little stars.  Blue means: Spirit of Might, revelation, Heaven, confidence, harmony and peace.  Silver pyrites speak of redemption and salvation.  The negative to guard against is: depression, sorrow, anxiety, isolation, hopelessness, coldness and betrayal.


GATE: Mt. Zion

ISRAELI CITIES & NATIONS: Israeli cities include The Ben Hinnom Valley, notorious for idolatry and child sacrifice.  In Jeremiah it referred to this valley as the “valley of slaughter”.  Hebron also is in this region and the place where God’s covenants with Abraham became concrete.  It represents “fatherhood” and “friendship” as God made Himself known to Abraham.  Arad is also along the south eastern border.

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Nations in this gate take in Eastern Africa, the western strip of Saudi Arabia and Southern Africa.  Southern Africa include Seychelles, Mozambique , Somalia, Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tanzania and Comoro Islands.  East Africa include Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Djibouti, Eritrea.


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PRAYER FOCUS:  Pray for  ministries that establish the fatherhood and the friendship of God in the lives of the fatherless and the widow.  Pray that the spirit of adoption takes place as they come into the knowledge of God as their Father and are led as their Friend.

ACTS OF KINDNESS:  Financial needs will look hopeless for many.  Look for ways to give secretly.  Pay for someone’s food order behind you in the drive-through.  See what need is in your group and several go in to help her. Be a “friend” to the forsaken with acts of kindness.

See LESSON: “Obadiah’s Widow” in Widows and Leaders Manual.

The Month of Iyar

2nd HEBRAIC MONTH Iyar condensed


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