9 Kislev (November-December)

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HEBRAIC MONTH: Kislev “security” and “trust”.

DATES: November-December

APPOINTED TIME: Chanukah (Festival of Lights)  hanukkahblessing

EXAMPLE:  Ruth and Naomi are our examples to learn by. Ruth, the younger widow trusted Naomi as she mentored her which brought a new level of security and completeness through knowing the Redeemer. Naomi came full circle in returning to Bethlehem. Nehemiah interceded in the month of Kislev for clarity and direction (Nehemiah 1)

Listen to this song about Ruth and Naomi!  During the times of great grief and loss the loyalty and trust that Ruth and Naomi shared brought them hope and the security of God’s leading in their lives.  In the end God brought amazing good from this!screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-11-09-am

NINTH MONTH: Holy Spirit (9 gifts, 9 fruit), fullness of blessing, completeness; also finality, judgment, tribulation, end.

HEBRAIC ALPHABET: SAMEKH samekh001Means to trust, support, coming full circle. (Fifteenth letter in Hebrew alphabet). Ancient Hebrew means “to prop”. The letter Samekh is used for the number 60, showing completeness as in the support given to the vine so that the fruit is not damaged. Also used as in twisting or tying up to prop and strengthen.


THEME: It was also in the month of Kislev that Nehemiah prayed to be positioned in the trust of the King. (Nehemia 1) This is a month to receive strength through the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Commit to bring fullness of blessing by spending time with the Redeemer through His Spirit.


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Ruth make a commitment to Naomi’s God, people and life. She was a support to Naomi and brought the fullness of blessing to both the Jew and the Gentile through the Redeemer. Other themes in this month: Mentoring from the older to the younger (Titus 2); Honoring the older widow; The harvest assigned to the widow; going after the corners through benevolence; Birthing the “Obeds” (servant/worshiper hearts) in our lives; Shifting Hopelessness with Gratitude; Dealing with Complicated Grief (Naomi lost her husband &both sons); Death of dreams, dealing with failure.
SCRIPTURES: Book of Ruth; Nehemiah chapter 1

TRIBE: BENJAMIN (“Son of my right hand, right side, leg or eye;” or Son of my “south side, my peasant side”. It can also mean “old age, maturity” or “son of happiness, happy one”. Benjamin was the most gifted with the art of the bow as a hunter and warrior. The symbol of this tribe is the wolf. Tribe of BenjaminIt is a powerful animal though it is smaller in size than many. They hunt in groups and will take down horse, elk, caribou and deer. They show both speed and endurance. They mate for life and breed quickly. There is an anointing to commit to the Lord wholly and birth many into the kingdom. An anointing to also connect with others to take down overwhelming situations is available. Choose to be a mature son and a strong right hand in the body!




GATE: Golden Gate (Ruth was from Moab); The Second Prayer Watch is in this Gate for “Clarity and Positioning”.Golden Gate

ISRAELI CITIES & NATIONS: As we go northeast from the “hub” of Jerusalem, we will reach out to the South Pacific Islands like Tahiti, Fuji, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Guam, and New Guinea. This prayer gate also covers Southeast and East Asia, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia


Pray for the work Anna’s Gate does in India

Pushpa and Nepal also covet our Prayers as they fulfill Anna’s Gate’s mission in Nepal!


STONE/COLOR: Rainbow Jasper that can come in many colors and shades. (You can choose any color you desire to work with.) 31313x18mmBlueRainbowJasperFlatOval

In Israel many times the blue and green shades of rainbow jasper are used in the windows to prevent sorrow and give protection. This month is a time to receive strength from the Son and be reminded of His protection and healing He has released to us.



PRAYER FOCUS:  We also reach out to Napal, Pakistan, Kuwait and India. There are many lives in this prayer gate! India alone has 1.2 billion people and over 50 million widows! Pray that the transforming power of the gospel will penetrate Hindu and Islamic strongholds! Pray that shame would be lifted off the widows and that they rise up as a mighty prayer army!


ACTS OF KINDNESS: This month have tea or eat in an Asian or Indian restaurant with the purpose to love on those that work there. Show kindness to those who wait on you and leave a good tip! Get their name and pray for them throughout the month as you pray for the Golden Gate peoples.





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