Our Story


Anna’s Gate is incorporated as a 501(C)3 a (non for profit) in the State of Tennessee.

Anna’s Gate has a working Board of Directors that include International outreaches and over 60 years of experience in benevolence and education.

In addition, we have an Advisory board representing expertise in several countries, including the United States, Wales, South Africa, India and Israel.

They also represent years of knowledge of the needs of the widow, the fatherless and orphan, the abused and hurting; and the younger widow/woman with children along with the older widow; and the business man/woman, government protocol, and work in social and justice procedures.

At present we are actively establishing borders of righteousness in Israel and India and across the United States through benevolent acts and prayer..   We have our first sponsored Ambassador, Margaret Powers, living in Israel working with the Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations and through instructing musicians in the instrument of the land.

Anna’s Gate is placing harps with widows in each “gate” or region to bring comfort and restoration.

CarolMarie has been working with widows in India since 2005 and now has branched out to help the children. We have an open door to 2000 churches, 5000 children and thousands and thousands of widows as well as Bible Schools (to train leaders). Anna’s Gate has opened five sewing centers there helping redeem women and give them purpose and a career.

CarolMarie has seven years of experience connecting widows to children in churches and children homes.

As the awareness for connecting the children with the widow grew, the Lord brought understanding to Anna’s Gate about the Jehu warriors. Commander Jehu, 2 Kings 9, represented the generation that finished the assignment for the prophet Elijah. Mentoring of the older to the younger has been increasing also fulfilling the Titus 2 concept.

Drama teams are being formed with both the widow and the Jehu to express messages of hope.

Weekly meeting where widows gather to pray over needs of businesses and the community have been beneficial.  Outreaches to the community in feeding the hungry and in other streams of benevolence are scheduled  benefiting businesses that have partnered with us as well as the widows that pray.

How It Began….


In May of 2004, before CarolMarie went to Mozambique, Africa to spend a month with Heidi Baker (Iris Ministries) and her widows, God gave her a powerful vision.

She saw widows locked arm in arm outlining the country guarding the children.  When the enemy tried to go after the children, he saw the widow and backed off with the attitude, “I’m not going to touch that!”  That was when CarolMarie realized that there was something very powerful in the widows stand before God that can push back darkness.  She was seeing that God will establish the borders or territory of the widow, as Proverbs 15:25 declares.

In 2005, when CarolMarie asked Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion International Ministries what the Lord had shown him about the widow, he quickly replied, “The widow will see the move of God first!  It’s the Anna anointing like Anna in the temple who recognized the Messiah!” (Luke 2:36-38) Thus the name “Anna’s Gate” was birthed in her heart.  Anna was a gateway to open the gates for the King of Glory to enter!

In the months and years following, the Lord began to take CarolMarie into the Heavenly Library and open the books regarding the widow and her special purpose.  She saw widows locking arm in arm around the world as a network establishing the borders of their cities, regions and countries for righteousness!

As she connected widows with leaders of governmental offices, churches, organizations and businesses amazing results happened for God certainly hears the cry of the fatherless and the widow (Ex 22:23)!

CarolMarie and her team teaches principles to widows of all types (including by death of spouse, divorce, or by circumstance where they do not have a earthly husband to cover them).  As these women move into a place of healing and wholeness to live a pure life accepting God as their Husband (Isaiah 54:5 and Hosea 2:15,16) great power and purpose is activated in their lives.

There is something very powerful when a leader connects with the widow!  God commanded Elijah to meet the widow of Zarephath to be sustained and empowered.  As the widow did acts of mercy caring for the prophet, borders of countries were re-aligned! Thus he took on 850 false prophets and shifted a nation! Elisha met the widow in 2 Kings 4 and anointing oil flowed into the market place!  Jesus met the widow of Nain, raised her son from the dead, and re-connected them thus the whole region was opened to to the Gospel! There is also a special synergy when the widow and the fatherless come into agreement; signs and wonders happen!

Today, CarolMarie works to Connect and Empower Widows and Leaders to change Nations!


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