Our Programs


Watchmen and Widows On the Wall provides training on prayer strategies along with protocol and certification that can be done online or by mail to enable you to be a part of a global Anna’s Gate prayer network. This also is required training for those covering our Gatekeepers and their personal needs and is a part of our empowering and equipping programs. Contact us for more information.

India – Sewing For Souls Project

Sewing for Souls establishes a sense of value to women who have been cast out. When a woman is blamed for the death of her husband, no matter how he died, it gives them hope and renews a sense of value. They sew for the orphans in the orphanages and the omen or curse that they lived under is no more! They are certified as Master Tailors and are given PURPOSE as they minister. Click here for more information.


Monthly commitment of any amount and agreement to pray for us and our outreaches positions you as a Cupbearer. You can also mail in your prayer requests for the team to cover in prayer. A beautiful glass pedestal cup with 22 carat gold will be sent to reminding you that God is your Husband. Donate today!


Gatekeepers can be trusted with more and are ones that keep the gates open for Anna’s Gate outreaches. As you commit to $200 or more a month, a personal WWOW intercessor is assigned to you and your company or ministry keeping your needs confidential. Your name and vision is shared with the other intercessors to cover you too. Part of your donation will be shared with your intercessor to provide food, gas and personal needs. A handcrafted gate in a pure silver pin or pendant will be sent to you as a reminder that you are a Gatekeeper making a difference! Donate today!


HUGGS is our acronym for the materials made available for our Anna’s Gate Widows Charter Groups. H is for heavenly hugs and love that are shown at our meetings. U is for Understanding God’s times, seasons and principles. G is for gathering in unity around the world to pray strategically. G is for giving and doing acts of benevolence to enlarge territory. S is for Skits, songs and smiles making every meeting fun! Each leader is asked to go through the WWOW training and certification and to encourage her group to do so also to enlarge our prayer base. Contact us for more information.