Anna’s Gate in India: Sewing for Souls

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India – Sewing For Souls Project


We now have five sewing centers in Hyderbad, Kismathpur, Srikakulam, Vishakapatnam and Narsapur.

CarolMarie, after ministering in India for over seven years, is receiving her honorary Doctorate from Manna Ministries. She is seeing the fruit of all those years as she’s reaches out to Manna Ministries widows and orphans through their 2200 churches, 5000 children, five bible schools, thousands of widows, hospital, tv, literature and many conferences.

Anna’s Gate Sewing for Souls Project establishes a sense of value to women who have been cast out. When a woman is blamed for the death of her husband , no matter how he died, it gives them hope and renews a sense of value. They sew for the orphans in the orphanages and the omen or curse that they lived under is no more! They are certified as Master Tailors and are given PURPOSE as they minister.

When you give to Anna’s Gate you establish new life to the Widows and the Fatherless as the pictures show below. THANK YOU from all of our hearts!


It’s the 2 Kings 4 Principle where the widow released the anointing into the marketplace and is provided for as well!  

Sponsor a trainer for $300 a month. This is a certified tailor who is a believer that will train the widows as Master Tailors.  She will not only learn a trade, but will learn prayer principles to release the anointing as she works to touch her nation!  To have a certification as a widow in India is HUGE and will help lift off the shame and position her.

For $100 a month you can sponsor a widow.  In order to be able to come to be trained, she needs some income to live.  She will be responsible for 10 fatherless children at the Children’s Home, helping them get ready for school and be there to welcome them home.  While they are in school she will be trained in her new trade!  Room and board is provided too for those that need it.

For $35 a month, we can provide for a child’s  lodging and food, schooling and uniforms.  God never separated the fatherless from the widow.  Every scripture in the Bible talking about the orphan or fatherless always speaks about the widow within verses on the child….except for one place.  So we see that there is a synergy between connecting the widow to mentor the child.

For monthly offerings of $450 you can sponsor a widow and 10 children;  for $275 sponsor a widow and 5 children!  We ask a commitment of one year when you commit.  

Updates will be on our website with pictures to keep you connected.

God told CarolMarie He had given her India!  As Anna’s Gate has connected with Manna Ministries, opportunities have opened to help over 4000 children in 40 orphanages as well as thousands and thousands of widows.  One of the ways we are doing this is through the Sewing Centers.


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