11 Shevat (January-February)

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Understanding God’s Appointed Times and Principles
Notes by Dr. CarolMarie

Insights from Churck Pierce, Robert Heidler, Gwen Shaw, Barbie Breathett, and internet resources including Fox News and Hebrew4Christians.com


11 Shevat


SHEVAT-“Blessings on the Way”

DATE: January-February

11th Month on the Jewish Calendar


Example:  Anna-“Favor”

“Anna” means “favored”. Anna was a “prophetess” meaning to “foreknow”. She was the daughter of “Phanuel”. The root word of his name means “face of God”. We also should have our lives be the offspring of being in the face of God. This speaks of intimacy; daily loving on Him and receiving His love and favor to perceive clearly! Anna was from the tribe of “Asher” meaning “Happy one”. When Jesus was brought into the temple, Anna immediately responded in praise!

11th Month:

Joseph lived in Potiphar’s house eleven years. Eleven means disorder, incompleteness, judgment; but also transition and revelation. Be wise on what you focus on and receive this month.   Let this be a time of transition as you seek fresh revelation to change disorder.


Hebraic Alphabet: 

TZADIK-Means “Righteous One”  (For more information on this Hebrew letter sometimes called “Tsade”)


This is a time of transition. We are to bring the Righteous One forth as Anna did into our lives, family, city and nation. As with the symbol of the Olive Tree that speaks of generations and anointing, what we do will affect generations as well.

This was a time of transition and for the Righteous One to come forth!  As Anna opened the gate through her prayers, we are to also for our family, cities and nations?


Luke 2:36-38; Deuteronomy 7:9


Asher-(PLEASURE, HAPPINESS, FATNESS), symbol of Olive Tree; Anna was in the tribe of Asher.


  Yellow Citrine Quartz/Lt Olive Green

This is a blend of green and yellow symbolizing: Healing and empowerment to carry you through transition. Yellow speaks of Joy, happiness, optimism and renewed mind. It represents the “Spirit of Understanding”. optimism and renewed mind. Be on your guard against, fear, dishonesty and pride as well as envy and jealousy.





Jaffa Gate is at the top Left

Southern Israel Gates

Jerusalem Gates
Jaffa-Israeli Cities and Nations:  

Pray for Jody and Alyosha Robin
Cities: : Yehud Newe Efraim, Ramat HaSharon, Rishon L’Tzion,Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Nes Tsiyona, Ramat Gan, Qiryat

Nations: most of United States, Canada, parts of France and Europe.



Ask God for insights to sustain generations, children and grandchildren. There is anointing this month to establish foundational values in their lives. It’s a time to root up bad seed through prayer and water the roots of what has been planted for the Kingdom. Pray for the coastal borders of Israel to be secure and bless their trade. Pray for Anna’s Gate to connect widows across the United States and Canada to bring healing and empowerment. Pray that generations of the fatherless and the widow will connect for the synergy of generational blessings.


Bless a widow this month! Find a widow in your church or community to pray with or ask her to pray for you. Look for ways to help and bless her. Anna was looking for the Redeemer. Look for Him in her. Listen to her stories and identify His qualities in her life and share with her what you see. Anna recognized the Redeemer and shared it!

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