4 Tammuz (June-July)

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(means “son of Light”)

Months of June and July


During Tammuz Moses was receiving the 10 Commandments and was made aware that the Children of Israel had turned away from God and had made a golden calf to worship. Moses smashed the tablets on the 17th of Tammuz and dealt with their disobedience. From the 17th of Tammuz to the 9th of Av there is a time of repentance. Tammuz is a month of revelation but also a time to guard your heart.


SCRIPTURES: Luke 7:11-17; Exodus 32:19, 20.

Example: Widow of Nain (Resurrection power…Widows crying out; Young adults awakening to their destinies).


The Widow of Nain-DVD







4th Month: The number four speaks of the four corners of the earth, borders and territory. It’ also represents God’s creative works; number of seasons, tides, winds and directions. (Transition of moving from one season or area to another).


HEBRAIC ALPHABET: chet “Chet” means “protective fence or courtyard”. Chet is also used in the concept of “locking and sealing”. It is the 8th letter in the Hebraic alphabet representing a new beginning.
THEME: The Gate, Seeing the Widow and Rising up sons of Life! This is a month to guard your heart and eye gates. It is a time to take territory, by looking and perceiving correctly. When Jesus saw the widow of Nain and was moved with compassion, He awakened the fatherless to his destiny…and the territory of Nain and the whole region opened up to Him! It’s a time for the widows to open the four corners up so that our regions ‘see the Son’!
TRIBE: Reuben, whose name means “See, a son! A new beginning” comes from two Hebrew words. The first “raah” which means “to see, consider, look, to perceive”. And secondly, the word “ben” meaning “a son, (as a builder of a family name), anointed one.” Reuben did not guard his heart and fell into sin which resulted in him losing his firstborn inheritance. But he had a redemptive side too and watched over his brothers. Rueben was the one who convinced his brothers into putting Joseph in a pit instead of killing him, planning to let him go later. This tribe was very passionate and great warriors.

GATE: Damascus. This is the region where Yeshua (Jesus) appeared to Saul in a great light and transformed him into the apostle Paul. Not only did he write much of the New Testament but God used him to bring salvation to the Gentiles.


world_map_with gates     Jerusalem Gates

World Map                                             Jerusalem Map

ISRAELI CITIES/NATIONS Connected with this Gate… CITIES: Qiryat Shmona, Nain, Nazareth and other cities between Jerusalem towards Damascus. This gate is north and slightly East Israel.
NATIONS: Russia & Siberia (Eastern Europe-Central Asia), Kazakhstan (Turko Persia-Assyria), Georgia (Eastern Europe), Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria

STONE/COLOR: Sardius (Carnelian, Ruby or Garnet) / Red. It was used to make signets or seals for the quality of th0-carnelian-aj1e stone would not adhere to the sealing wax. Red stands for strong emotions, including passion, love, excitement, enthusiasm, zeal, leadership and warrior. It also can mean lust, rage, anger, rage and hatred in a negative vein. Red represents the Spirit of the Lord, wisdom anointing thanksgiving and blood atonement when led of the Spirit.

PRAYER FOCUS: Pray for the ministries to the Muslim people, Ephesians 1:17-23 that the eyes of their understanding would be enlightened with truth. Pray that the light of the glorious Gospel will take the blinders off that would hinder them from being set free. Pray that God would keep these ministries under the radar and hidden from the enemy. Cry out in compassion for women and children that have no voice (Pro 31:8,9) and live in abusive and harsh situations in your communities. Lift off oppression according to Isa 53 in all that Jesus has done for them. Open the gate for Life! Pray for Holy Spirit to “seal” them in Him!

ACTS OF KINDNESS: Reach out to single mothers and their children in your community. Look for the “stranger” around you and show kindness. Contact local churches and their single groups to connect with single moms and the widows that may be helping raise their grand- children.

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