10 Tevet (December-January)

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By Dr. CarolMarie Smith

HEBRAIC MONTH: Tevet (A time to return and redefine) Dec- January

TENTH MONTH: The number ten means “Godly authority, government, restoration, testimony, Devine order, completeness, fullness of time”. It is a month to recognize godly authority, and join with and believe for righteous order in government and in leadership in home, work and church.

SCRIPTURES: John 4:7-42



Samaritan Woman at the Well is our example.     woman-at-the-well

THEME: The Samaritan widow opened the gates of her city to Life. During the Chanukah and Christmas seasons establish Devine order with Light and Life through your words and actions. (Remember that a widow is a woman without a husband to cover and protect her. It can be through death of spouse, divorce or by circumstance. Many are “uncovered and alone” at this time. Help her channel her “eye” to see the good and to reach out to others. Also note that ‘God will establish the border of the widow’ Pro 15:25 and that she can open the gates to the King of Glory. What an honor and special place she has!)

Appointed Times: This is the end of Chanukah on the Hebraic calendar and the month Christmas is celebrated on the Gregorian calendar. The month of Tevet begin the winter season.


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STONE/COLOR: Sapphire/clear Blue that means the Spirit of Knowledge; authority to heal people dealing with foundational, internal issues, stress, burnsaphire out and pain. The gifts of the “Word of Knowledge” and “Word of Wisdom” flow with revelation to bring healing in others. (Jesus moved in the gift of Word of Knowledge when He spoke to the widow at the well.) Search your heart to be pure before Him. Then ask that He will enlarge these gifts in your life. The clarity of the stone speaks of clarity in your life.



ayin-veronique-cheneyHEBRAIC ALPHABET: Ayin is the 16th letter in the Hebraic alphabet and represents the eye, to look or appear. It also can represent a spring, fountain or well. AYIN means eye. “Let your good eye see”; and when you see evil, stand against it with words of life. Choose to see the good yet be aware of evil. Agree with the good, say No to the evil, be a faithful watcher. Since it is also a picture of a spring or well, expect new life to flow.





GATE: Beth el (Beth El means “House of God” and was a center for worship for good or bad. There is an anointing to know God and a quest to find Him. Abraham built an alter in Beth El and called on the name of the Lord and set up a pillar and revisited there.(Gen 12:8; 13:3) Jacob’s encounter seeing the ladder to Heaven was in Beth El (Gen 28:10-22). He re-visited and built an alter there (Gen 35:1-15). Abraham and Lot surveyed the land from here. In Joshua’s time, it formed a boundary between Benjamin and Ephraim (Joshua 18:13). It was a worship center in the time of the Judges (Judges 20:18).world_map_with gates Both Samuel and Deborah judged from Beth El. The ark was kept here before moving it to Shiloh. Many have fallen into sin and false religions too in Beth El. Jeroboam (ruler over 10 northern tribes) set up golden calves at Beth El. He also set up a non-levitical priesthood and a new calendar of his own creation (1 Kings 12:26-33) to stop the people from traveling to Jerusalem to worship. Idolatry was strong in Beth El during Amos and Hosea’s time (Amos 4:4, 5:5; Hosea 4:15, 5:8, 10:8). Compromise and rebellion was prevalent resulting in captivity (2 Kings 17:24-33). During this month we have anointing to move into greater revelation and intimacy with God. It is a time also to guard your heart not to fall into counterfeits or compromise.


ISRAELI CITIES & NATIONS: Cities: Ma’a Lot-Tashiha, Sefad, Bethel, Qiryat Shemona, Qazin, Nations: Kazakhstan (more than 120 nationalities), Uzbekistan; Central Asia, Iran and Iraq: High Muslim influence and strong opposition against Israel.

PRAYER FOCUS: Pray that their eyes of their understanding would enlightened with truth (Eph 1:17,18.) Pray Psalm 91 protection over the believers in these countries and bless Israel. Pray for the Muslim people in your nation too to see Jesus and receive Him. Ask Him to reveal himself to them in dreams and visions

ACTS OF KINDNESS: The widow at the well was a Samaritan. There was a high racial prejudge between the Jewish people and the Samaritans. Look for the “stranger” in your areas that does not feel accepted. Show acts of kindness. This woman was surprised that Jesus even spoke to her!


10th MonthTevet SAMARITAN WIDOW summary 2015

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