7 Tishrei (September-October)

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7th Month of the Hebrew Calendar


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1st month of the Jewish Year

Means “Perfecting or Completing”.

  This month begins the autumn seasons.  Because it is the 7th month, it is the “Head of the Year” or Rosh Hashanah.  The Hebrew New Year that it begins this year is 5778.

Appointed times:  Month of the Fall Feasts

Feast of Trumpets

Listen to the Shofars!

Yom Kippur
Feast of Tabernacles or Succot

Hebrew Letter associated with this month:




The Lamed is picture of a shepherd’s staff and means “to teach, train or discipline”.  It is the tallest letter, reaching up, representing, “Returning to your absolute source”. SCRIPTURES: Luke 10:38-42

Featured Woman of Scripture:

Mary and Martha




Learning to stay in peace as you serve the Master as well as sit at His feet. As we refuse anxiety and offense, His completing power can work in us to make us strong!

Scripture:  Luke 10:38-42 and John 12

Tribe:  Ephraim

“To be fruitful and multiply”

Prayer Gate:  Bethany

Bethany Gate WW





ISRAELI CITIES & NATIONS CONNECTED WITH BETHANY GATE: From the hub in Jerusalem, going south and slightly east, the Bethany gate extends outward. It covers the city of Bethany and those nearby as we go outward past Jericho to countries that include parts of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia are also in this prayer Gate. Let us lift up these regions to enter into the Fullness they can have through Yeshua, Jesus Christ the Messiah!

Jerusalem Gates

Stone/Color:  Black Onyx or Agate

Black Onyx or Agate (same as Manasseh’s stone). The color black can mean “moved with passion, midnight hour, wealth, mystery”; but also “affliction, sin, grief, death, famine, lack, ignorance, evil”. Pull on the blessing and be aware of what would try to hinder.


PRAYER FOCUS: Enter into being Complete in Him personally and aligning with your calling and gifts. Pray for the aligning of nations with Israel. Call them to be “Sheep Nations” instead of Goats. (Matt 25:32). Pray for unity to be established at the Convocation of Nations in Israel hosted by JHOPFAN. Pray for more widow harpists under the leadership of Peggy Powers (of Anna’s Gate) to release the sounds of Heaven in Israel.

MINISTRY/MISSIONARY: Pray for the ministry of Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations. Consider sponsoring a widow harpist in Israel that is establishing the borders through intercessory worship. Many of these are single Moms that need help in covering expenses to get to the special training. Call Anna’s Gate for details and read of the harp ministry.

ACTS OF KINDNESS: This month make a point of appreciating the different gifts and personalities in others that seems unlike yours. If you are a “worker” and the other is a “listener”, find a place of agreement and ask the Lord to show you “how to fit” in the Body together. Be willing to help another with your “strength” and be willing to receive of theirs.

Special thanks to: Chuck Pierce, Robert Heidler, Peter Wagner, Tom Hess, Barbie Breathitt, Gwen Shaw,
The Jewish Encyclopedia, Operation World and the Anna’s Gate Intercessors



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