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chicago-airportIn the Chicago airport listening to beautiful piano music on a grand player piano. When Ava Maria began to play I thought of my Sis Alice Smith and Bro Jimmy at their wedding when this song was played! So beautiful! Time of relaxing before next flight!








On my 10/5/16 flight to Jordan then on to Israel, my “smeller” had a work out.
As I waited to board the plan, the gate area was filled with individuals and families headed for Jordan. I was unique being blonde, blue eyed and fair skinned. I found a seat in the very full waiting area and noticed a very strong smell of a overly perfumed person. I turned and it was a heavy gentleman in his late 20s or early 30s. It
was so strong my head began to react so I moved away from the smell to avoid a headache.
When it was time to board the plane I found my seat in this huge plane. I immediately noticed that same smell! No can it be? That same man was sitting behind me on the plane!
I wanted to move away from him again but now it was not so easy! And I did not want to embarrass this young man.
The Lord reminded me that my steps were ordered by Him. And for this to happen twice was not a coincidence!
I curled up next to the window and prayed for this young man who was trying to cover and mask what was underneath. I asked that the sweet smell of the Savior would surround me, protect me and yet minister to him.
Soon I was asleep. When I awoke I did not have a headache nor did I even notice the overwhelming fragrance of the man.
We should be the sweet smelling fragrance of the Lord.
When we drink Him in He neutralizes the negative effects and and releases what is greater! We replace a lie with truth; We dismiss darkness with light; and we neutralize the smell of the world with the Rose of Sharon and our relationship with the Greater One!
Then it won’t wear out our “smeller”!


in-ammanOn my way to Israel I’m changing planes in Amman Jordan. A gift shop in the airport is run by a foundation that helps widows by selling their handmade items! Don’t you know that caught my eye! This is my heart to have boutiques in cities, in airports and on line to market the handmade items from widows around the world! And to release the Kingdom of God though the market place! Agree with me! We have 5 sewing centers now in India, and harpists in Israel and will soon have a boutique in Knoxville our headquarters! God cares about the widow and we are establishing the borders of nations for righteousness!!


14470533_10154575701904663_349551566902881072_nJean, Darlene Bolding, Julia and Roger picked me up at the Tel Aviv airport! Arrived safely and with excitement of what He has planned!!


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